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An Introduction to America's Most Beloved Spirit.

an introduction to



BOURBON made simple

We are a creative collective of bourbon enthusiasts that have come together to produce and publish an introductory book (and site) on bourbon.

Simply Bourbon offers insights and suggestions to those new to bourbon while distilling (pun intended) its complexities into its simplest form.

Truth is, there are few things left in American culture that are connected to place, people, and tradition. Bourbon is one of them.
— Simply bourbon

Sample Chapters:



Truth is, there are few things left in American culture that are connected to place, people, and tradition. Bourbon is one of them.



As there are different classifications of whiskey, there are also different variations of bourbon. Most of these distinctions can be understood by differing mash bills.

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Making bourbon is one thing. Making it taste good is another. Bourbon is widely appreciated for its complex characteristics and its robust flavor profile.

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bourbon country

Kentucky is synonymous with bourbon. And for many reasons, it should be. It is most likely where bourbon was birthed, and it certainly is where bourbon made its mark. But there are more than just historical reasons bourbon is intimately tied to Kentucky.

experiencing BOURBON

Drinking is what we do when we are mindlessly sharing a glass or two with friends. Tasting is when we are purposely wanting to experience and appreciate the complexities of whiskey.

bourbon terms + bottles

If you're interested in sounding like a bourbon connoisseur, we have included a section of all you need to know as far as key terms and our top 10 bourbon recommendations for your starter collection.


the book


Cheers to America's most beloved spirit.


hard cover version

Like a delicious rare bourbon, this hardcover version of Simply Bourbon is infused with the highest-quality ingredients of image, production and color that yields an incredible result for all high-end tastes. From the leather binding to a laser cut wood inlay, it’s as tasty as it looks! Note: Currently, the hard cover version is not for sale.

soft cover version

This is a must have book for any bourbon enthusiast or neophyte who wants to know more about America’s most beloved spirit. From the origins, to the making, to the understanding of different whiskeys, to classic terms, and must have bottles and recipes…this is a perfect gift (or required reading for the bourbon curious)! Pre-order Simply Bourbon today!